Polygrav is a randomly generated platformer for Weekly Game Jam 211 with the theme of Gravity. Levels will randomly generate as a polygon with 4-16 sides and will get progressively harder and faster. Gravity will change to wherever the player is touching. 

Heavily inspired by the classic flash game Run 3

Skybox from - https://wwwtyro.github.io/space-3d

Music by Swngyill YOON  -  soundcloud.com/yyyn0889

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Tags3D, Arcade, Unity


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Amazing job with this! I've tried to re-create Run 2 before in Unity and know how tricky some of this stuff can be to figure out, very impressive that you were able to do this for a game jam.
The movement is quite a bit floaty, it would be nice to be able to do smaller jumps, and hold jump for bigger ones.
I look forwards to seeing more of your work!


Thank you so much! The main struggle I had with creating it was the movement. The way I did the player movement was with a rigidbody locked on the z-axis with the level moving towards the player. Whenever the rigidbody collides with a surface, I change the physics gravity to face away from that surface. I agree it is quite floaty. I wanted it to be easier to make large jumps but you're idea of different size jumps would have been smarter. Thank you for the kind comments and feedback!