A downloadable game for Windows

Slide n' Slash is a first person fighter set in an endless procedurally generated dungeon.

Drink potions, get powerups, slide down slopes, and find magical weapons as you fight to survive against ruthless enemies! Each level gets progressively harder with more difficult enemy types later on. 

Slide n' Slash is my submission for the 7 Day rogue-like challenge 2022.

Textures from Textures.com

Powerup Icons from Flaticon.com, created by: Vectors Market, Freepik, justIcon

  • Physics sliding mechanics
  • Infinite levels that get progressively harder
  • 7 Weapons with 5 different weapon materials
  • 3 Enemy types with 2 hard variants
  • 3 Potion types
  • 6 Stackable Tomes (Power-ups)

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)

Install instructions

Extract zip, Run Slide n' Slash.exe

(If Windows Smartscreen prevents opening: click 'More Info', then 'Run Anyway')


Slide N' Slash 1.1 (bug fixes) 31 MB
Slide N' Slash 1.0 (Jam Release) 31 MB


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I ended up going back through the 7dRL list again and this one was a lot of fun. Good ideas and combat felt natural.  Well done!


two words: holy s***. I legit played this game for almost an hour. I've never played a game jam game for that long. This is amazing! You're very talented with combat and FPS controllers, which is definitely one of my weak points.  I'd love to collaborate on a game jam or another game project if you're interested. My email is looncallerstudios@gmail.com, my discord is Looncaller#0873.  

I'm honored! I've never had someone look at my past game jams. That would be very cool, I've never collabed with another dev. If you join a jam or do a project that you wanna collab on I'm Trashcan#1605 on Discord.